5 Years!

5 years ago was my last day as a Mechanical Engineer. And you may think I was happy to finally take the step and pursue my dream of becoming an artist full-time, but the truth is, I was scared to death.

For all my adult life, I could only rely on myself financially. I grew up on an environment where money was constantly an issue.

All this made me a very money cautious person. I started working very early in my life (17 years old), and moved out at 20 years old. Saved enough money to enter the university, and of course I chose one of the most reliable degrees in terms of career, Mechanical Engineer.

Fact is, I was traumatized. I could never consider music as a career because of that trauma. I was living a life that was never for me, that didn’t agree with me, I was killing my dreams slowly, every day. And then came depression.

Only a lot later in my life I realised all this I’m telling you here.

Becoming a musician full time was a dream come true and one of my proudest achievements. It brought me the joy I had lost, and allowed me to become stronger and more confident. It allowed me to turn my life around, and to improve all the other areas in my life. Was it easy? Hell no. Still isn’t. It’s a life full of challenges, uncertainty, highs and lows. Was it worth it? It still is, every single second of every day.

I hope my story inspires you to challenge yourself, because it’s never too late to follow your dreams.