Celebrating 4 years of the original release, here’s a fresh new mix of Longe.

This acoustic, upbeat happy song talks about searching for meaning in life, while celebrating the never satisfied human nature.

It was written, recorded and produced entirely by me (audio and video), and it’s a trip between Setúbal and Coimbra, between an uncertain music career and a steady Mechanical Engineer job, between sanity and depression.

Why such a powerful theme has such a happy, care-free vibe?

We have to accept the fact that we’re lost, that we have been going the wrong way, before we can start looking for the right way. And in this sense, realizing we’ve been lost or far away from what we truly want is not really a bad thing; it’s just a beginning of a new chapter.

Official Videoclip

Celebrating 15 years of my first band experience, here’s “Somewhere In The Crowd”.

Going back to my origins, I invited my former band mates Eduardo Maduro (bass), Ricardo Gaspar (drums) and Ruî G. Bilóba (guitar) to bring back all our 15 songs to life, with a brand new production but remaining faithful to what was our original sound. Ruî chose to act only as a consultor, so besides singing I also did my best to replicate his guitar style. While listening to the album, his father thought it was Ruî’s playing in the album; I considered that the best compliment possible. Playing the same guitar really helped!

This album blends many different styles and many influences, all brought together in an unique album that’s also a time machine through my first experiences with composing and playing together with other musicians.

The videoclip was done with the help of my fans and Ricardo Gaspar (thank you for filming it!), Elvin Coelho (thank you for the crystal ball!) and Vidraria JR (thank you for the broken glass! Recorded in Jardim da Sereia (Coimbra), Floresta Nacional do Choupal (Coimbra) and Mosteiro de Verride (Figueira da Foz).

Recorded, mixed and mastered with a lot of love in my own studio.

A winner of a fan contest on YouTube, “Holdin’ On” was the most viewed original song from the three options available.

This time keeping the original acoustic vibe of the first demo, the song is very simple, but with an explosive bridge, using real drums for the first time in my original releases.

It’s a haunting melody that repeats throughout the song, just like the beating of a clock (the song has 60 bpm), that smoothes emotions and calms the restless soul. Just what the world needs in the middle of a global pandemic.

Drums played by Ricardo Gaspar. Full song by me.

Remaining faithful to my Alternative Rock origins, this time blended with some Indie vibes, making a song that builds up in a smooth but consistent way.

Time Stood Still was remixed by a fan in a totally different style in 2022 and released with a videoclip produced by me, using public domain footages by M-Art Production and Cotton.

Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered in my own studio.

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