A relatable life-story.


An endless passion for music,
blended with a bulletproof dream and an Engineer will.

Sandra always loved singing since she can remember. She never had any musical education, but that never stopped her from being an eager learner.

She first stepped on a stage when she was 11 years old, and even though she was the youngest competitor she won 1st place in a school singing contest. On that moment she knew this was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

Her dad advised her to start composing her own songs, and since she always enjoyed writing she finished her first lyrics at only 13 years old. Soon she was composing melodies too, humming and recording them on a mobile phone.

After finishing high school, Sandra soon joined a Rock garage band as lead singer at the age of 18, and the band Silver Bullet was born (Sandra’s first car was silver and had the same nickname).

Besides singing and writing all lyrics and vocal melodies, she sometimes struggled to describe how she was envisioning her compositions. Out of that necessity she learned how to play the guitar. Being a curious person soon she started to play bass guitar and even a bit of drums, since those were the instruments available on the band.

During that time and struggling to make a living out of music, Sandra worked hard at dead-beat jobs and began studying in Coimbra University, getting a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

She was in the band for 12 years, but eventually the band drifted apart, as the other members quit, moved to other cities or just didn’t take music seriously.

The band came to an end, but Sandra never gave up music and started to build her own studio while working full-time as a Mechanical Engineer.

She learned about recording, mixing and master, and started to record vocals and guitars for other artists around the world, as well as writing lyrics, producing, mixing and mastering. She decided then take the next step and become a full-time musician in 2017.

On that same year she celebrated her 30th birthday releasing her first debut EP, “Longe”, fully recorded and produced at her studio.

Soon she became a top rated seller on Fiverr, with more than 1000 works completed and forming partnerships with artists from 77 different countries, including a Jazz album with the Australian composer David Lewis Luong that hit 17k views on YouTube, a Pop single with Croatian artist Damon Empero that hit 231k views on YouTube and an Hip-Hop single collaboration with Zayed Hassan and Type One that has more than 1 million streams on Spotify alone.

In 2019, Sandra was invited by a new upcoming platform to do online shows (live streaming). This platform was one of the first streaming platforms exclusively for musicians to appear, being Sandra one of the very first streamers to join this endeavour.

Connecting with people in a genuine way, Sandra built an online fan community, which inspired her to release 2 more singles (“Time Stood Still” and “Holdin’ On”). Her fans are from all over the world, including United Kingdom, Brazil, India, United States, Denmark, Germany, Mexico, South Africa, Japan and Australia.

Sandra never forgot about her time in the band though. They did 15 original songs together, but never recorded or produced them properly.

Believing in her earlier creations, in 2021 and in the middle of the pandemic she invited her former band members Ricardo (drums) and Eduardo (bass guitar) to help her bring this vision to life; record, produce, mix/master and release a full album including these 15 songs, celebrating the 15th anniversary of the band.

The album “Somewhere In The Crowd” was released in May 1st 2021 and presented live on YouTube with the band performing the 3 singles of the album, “Why?!“, “Carry On” and “Prisão de Sonhos“.

It was featured in many articles all around the world, including an interview by José Oliveira on the American Rock At Night online magazine, two articles on the Spanish magazine Breathing The Core and a review on Indie Band Guru. It was considered one of the best 20 Portuguese Rock albums of the year (by the blog Via Nocturna 2000).

In November 2021 Sandra released her first ever official videoclip for the most successful single “Prisão de Sonhos”, showing yet another side of her creative mind: video composing.

Her latest single release is a remix of her previously released single Time Stood Still, and includes another official videoclip.

Today Sandra continues her solo career (including live and online shows), collaborates with artists all around the world and is always working on something new.

She also streams weekly on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook. Her shows allow her to share her music passion with everyone. This “Bullet Time” is all about connecting, good vibes, funny moments and accepting ourselves as we are; everyone is welcome!

The Ultimate


Passion never dies. It grows
stronger every day.

Even though her main instrument is still her voice, Sandra also plays the guitar (acoustic and electric), the bass guitar, and she’s currently learning piano and drums.

Working with artists from many different genres and countries has allowed her to gain a wide insight and dynamic composing style.

She also has recorded, produced and mixed/mastered many different styles, but Rock is still her favorite.