About Sandra Lourenço

Sandra always loved music. From the very first moment she stepped on stage singing she knew that was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life; she was 12 when that happened.

Coming from a family without any other artists and with financial difficulties, Sandra took a more practical path: she decided to become a Mechanical Engineer. But even working and studying, Sandra still managed to find time to be the lead singer and songwriter of a garage Rock band.

Hanging out with other musicians, she started to learn the basis of music and instruments, namely drums, bass and guitar, and also to pick up an interest in recording, mixing and mastering music. Sandra never had any training though. When she wanted to know something, she asked around, searched online, or would get there by trial and error. In her opinion, that contributed a lot to her original approach to music.

Working as a Mechanical Engineer, Sandra built her own home studio and started working with other musicians online, all around the world. It took less than one year till she decided to dedicate herself to music full time (back in 2017).

Since then, Sandra has done thousands of collaborations with other artists all around the world, released several original songs (1 EP, 3 singles and 1 album) and performed online and in-place concerts.

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Even though her main instrument is still her voice, Sandra also plays the guitar (acoustic and electric), the bass guitar, and she’s currently learning piano and drums.

Working with artists from many different genres and countries has allowed her to gain a wide insight and dynamic composing style.

She also has recorded, produced and mixed/mastered many different styles, but Rock is still her favorite.

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