Videoclip Incoming!

For a long time I’ve been planning on doing a videoclip for one of my originals. When I was getting started I looked around for professional help, but somehow I never found a person that I thought would be a good fit.
With my Bulletized covers I started experimenting with video recording and edition myself. I learned a lot, got better equipment, and now I finally feel ready to take this challenge. 🦾
My song Prisão De Sonhos was an easy choice. You guys loved it and I already have so many ideas for the videoclip!
Although I’ll be doing this myself, I’ll still need to get props and it will be a huge time investment, building the characters, testing makeup and hair styles, video testing in several locations, and then the actual recordings and video editions. Yep, I’m going all professional on this one.
That’s why I’m reaching out. I need all the help I can get to make this happen.
I’ll be selling tickets to a private live streaming that will take place on YouTube on August 12th, where I’ll be performing some acoustic arrangements never before heard of my original songs. All profits will go towards my video, and everyone involved will get a mention in the ending credits!
Tickets start from 1.10$ approximately, but you can contribute with as much as you like or buy as many tickets as you’d like; offer them to your friends or family and invite them too!
To buy a ticket just follow these steps:
1. Click HERE to access the ticket page;
2. Write the value you’d like to contribute in EURO (1€ is the lowest value) (if you need help converting your currency to EURO just check Google Currency Converter);
3. Choose how many tickets you’d like to get;
4. Click the button “GET IT NOW”;
5. Confirm the values, scroll to the end of the page and then click the button PROCEED TO CHECKOUT;
6. If you already have an account click on “Returning customer? Click here to login”, if not fill up your billing details;
7. Choose your payment method (Paypal option also supports most debit or credit cards);
8. Finish your payment and save the link to the upcoming show!
But don’t worry, if you lose the link just get in touch and I’ll send it to you. 😉
Thank you for being awesome. Hope to see you soon! Stay safe, stay happy, and remember, music is always the solution. Bullet OUT!