New Album Release On May 1st!

It’s hard for me to find words than can explain what this upcoming album means to me.
When I was 18 I joined a garage Rock band. I was 12 years on that band, rehearsing, writing songs, learning how to play instruments, occasionally also playing live. It became the foundation of the artist I am today.
Along the way, we made 15 original songs. When I became a solo artist, I chose to release my own originals first. I think I needed that back then, to prove myself. But those 15 songs were always on the back of my mind, like an unfinished project.
I knew I had to release them. 3 years ago I started the recordings. I started the edition too, but never finished it. There was always something else that needed to be done, other work for other artist, some online performance.
On February 3rd it was our 15th anniversary; it was on that day, 15 years ago, that I met them, auditioned and got the spot in the band. I also started my musical career that day. And that date gave me the momentum I needed to launch the album.
I couldn’t finish the album on that date; but I managed to release the first single. And I set the goal for May 1st. It wasn’t easy, being my first experience finishing a whole album. I made mistakes, some I managed to get around, some I made my best to attenuate. But like my first EP Longe, I’m very proud of what I did. And I can’t wait to share these songs with all of you. You, who always were there for me, supporting me, believing in me, asking me about this album.
This is for all of you. Because you guys are the reason why I’m here. ROCK ON!