New Live Streaming Schedule

Hello guys!
As you know with the changes on Sessions I was also forced to change my life.
I spent the last 2 weeks forming a plan and thinking what to do next… All this in the middle of my upcoming album production.
I upgraded my website and I’m so excited to have it up to date and fully functional! You can check my scheduled shows, read all the news, buy my music and even listen to all my originals FOR FREE!
I also started a Bandcamp store where you can not only buy my music but also support me directly. All supporters get all my digital releases released before the subscription and also during the next 365 days prior to the subscription! Click here to check it out.
I will also start soon a Patreon Page to support my Bulletized Covers and Live streamings.
And starting next week, I’ll be doing weekly lives on YouTube (YouTube Fridays) and on Twitch (Twitch Tuesdays). See you there!