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About Sandra

Sandra is a former Mechanical Engineer who decided to follow her dreams and is now a full-time singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and streamer from Setúbal (Portugal), who hopes to inspire people to do the same: follow their dreams.

She sings, composes, plays the guitar and the bass, is currently learning piano and drums, and also produces, mixes and masters music.

Her original music can be described as a blend between Rock, Indie and Pop. Think about Alanis Morissette, The Cranberries, P!nk or Avril Lavigne.

After being part of a garage band for 12 years, Sandra decided to continue on her own as a solo artist.

In 2017 she decided to quit her Mechanical Engineering job (and career) to become a full time artist, and since then she has done more than 1000 collaborations with other artists from more than 70 countries. She also released 1 EP, 2 singles and 1 album.

About Longe

Celebrating 5 years of her full time artist career, Sandra Bullet is back with a fresh new mix of one of her most successful releases, Longe.

This acoustic, upbeat happy song talks about searching for meaning in life, while celebrating the never satisfied human nature.

It was written, recorded and produced entirely in the artist’s own studio, and it’s a trip between Setúbal and Coimbra, between an uncertain music career and a steady Mechanical Engineer job, between sanity and depression.

Why such a powerful theme has such a happy, care-free vibe? According to the artist, it’s because “We have to accept the fact that we’re lost, that we have been going the wrong way, before we can start looking for the right way. And in this sense, realizing we’ve been lost or far away from what we truly want is not really a bad thing; it’s just a beginning of a new chapter.”


Release Date: December 5th 2022

Label: Independent

Drums: Ricardo Gaspar

Other Instruments/ Vocals: Sandra Bullet

Writer: Sandra Bullet

Register: IGAC, nº 3215/2022


Contact Information


Phone: +351 91 437 29 71



Previous Mentions

“It is perhaps for me, the most beautiful artistic surprise, in this pandemic maras, which deprived us of concerts for more than a year. In 45 years of music journalism, I had never met an instrumentally self-taught young woman, as SANDRA BULLET. A bit in the tracks of Paul McCartney, in his post-Beatles era. Born in Setúbal but established in Coimbra, she’s a Portuguese alternative rock singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist with an indie twist and an old school sound.” – José Oliveira


“Overall, this was a really fun album to listen to. I had never heard of Sandra before and I feel I have been missing out. Her sound has me really nostalgic for 90’s and early 00’s music but made in a way I can relate to in 2021. I also think it’s important to note how the industry tries to age women really fast and even though she’s still young she’s breaking that “norm.” She emphasizes the fact that it’s never too late to go after your dreams. This is a great way to look at life and really drew me to her as an artist. I am so excited to see where her career goes from here.” – Sydney Blasi