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New Image, Same Passion.


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About Sandra Lourenço:

Sandra Lourenço is an Indie Rock artist from Portugal.

Her primary instrument is her voice, but she also composes, plays several instruments and works as an Audio Engineer.

Besides music, she also loves personal growth and Nature.


Latest Release:

Longe (2022 version)


Reflections Of A (Slightly) Conscious Being:

Sandra, a music artist with a passion for everything related with personal growth, talks about her own journey, challenges, conventional and alternative psychology, spiritualism, sharing methods that you can apply in your own growth journey.

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New Release Coming Up!

5 years ago, I was just getting started on my musician full time career. And as every songwriter, I was eager to share my music with the world. So I decided to put together an EP with 5 original compositions, all by myself. It was a roller coaster of emotions, and a landmark on my artist career. It’s a very intimate and personal work, because it was made entirely by me, song-writing till master, recordings and even graphic design. Many […]

New Single Release! Time Stood Still (Kazumi Anzai Remix)

I wasn’t planning this release. My plan was to have 3 more releases this year; but something amazing happened: an amazing remix happened! Kazumi Anzai decided to turn one of my songs into an amazing dance-floor hit! And then of course, I couldn’t stand still and release it as is; I had to make a videoclip to complement this amazing and unexpected work of art. 😜 You can watch the videoclip or get the song here:

5 Years!

5 years ago was my last day as a Mechanical Engineer. And you may think I was happy to finally take the step and pursue my dream of becoming an artist full-time, but the truth is, I was scared to death. For all my adult life, I could only rely on myself financially. I grew up on an environment where money was constantly an issue. All this made me a very money cautious person. I started working very early in […]

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